JCX Rain Water Steel Down Pipe Making Machine round/square RainSpout/Downspout Metal Steel Cold Roll Forming Machine

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The downpipe forming machine we produce is customized according to the specific requirements of customers, such as specification and raw materials. The machine is installed and tested before leaving the factory. After receiving the machine, the customer can start production once connect wires and tubes. We randomly send instructions to tell how to operate. Of course, we also have corresponding videos for reference. Technicians Can also be sent to customer factory for guidance and training if necessary.

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JCX Rain Water Steel Down Pipe Making Machine roundsquare RainSpoutDownspout Metal Steel Co (
JCX Rain Water Steel Down Pipe Making Machine roundsquare RainSpoutDownspout Metal Steel Co (1)


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Technical Parameters of Downpipe Roll Forming Machine:
* Uncoiler: Manual Uncoiler
* Inner diameter: 508mm
* Outer diameter: 1200mm
* Loading weight: 3T
* Thickness of Material: 0.4-0.6mm
* Rolling Stations: 22 stations for square pipe and 26 stations for round pipes.
* Forming Speed: 10-15m/min. (not including cutting)
* Diameter of Shaft: ¢70mm
* Transmission: by chain-brackets
* Main Power: 7.5KW
* Weight of the machine appro.6 Tons.
* Cutting Type: Hydraulic cutting for rectangular downpipe and Flying Saw Cutting for Circle downspout
* Hydraulic Power: 4KW
* Material of cutter blade: Cr12 steel with quenched treatment.
* Cutting Length and Quantity: Clients can set the required length and quantity on the PLC touchscreen
* Electrical System for Rectangular Downspout Roll Forming Machine
* Panasonic PLC Control System and Omron Encoder;

Main parameters for downspout Elbow machine:
* Type of controlling: adopt strong electric controlling
* Main motor power: 2.2kw
* Max curving angle: 90 degrees.
* Functions: curving and biting
* Curving speed: 0-15m/min
* Dimension: 1300*650*1500mm

The Downspout profile is not fixed. Most of time, we are especially manufacturing machines according to different technical requirements.
If any points is not ok for you, please contact us, we can do some change for you whatsapp 0086-15128751166

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Sea worthy standard package: covered with plastic film, fixed into 20/40'gp container

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