Our Team

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Botou Golden Integrity Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a professional building materials machinery tile machine equipment company. After hard and excellent struggle, the company has perfect technical and practical ability in various tile press equipment, light steel villa equipment, CZ automatic type change equipment and other aspects, and has a variety of equipment planning and design, production, operation, maintenance services integration contracting ability.

The company is committed to building a professional and powerful technical team. The company has a stable management staff of 120 people, which are divided into related functional departments such as link management, technical support, quality control and financial manpower. The company has a labor subcontracting qualification company, a special contractor of engineering project labor work, belonging to the company's internal contracting team, a total of 20 professional construction teams, with a stable staff of 500 people.


The team respects technology, pays attention to cost and values talents. Meanwhile, the leaders lead the team's learning ability, initiative and execution ability by example, so that the team has a stronger self-growth ability.


All My Colleagues Believe That

Jinchengxin is in the fast developing star industry (construction), in the engine of industry development (private enterprises), in the industry leading geographic area (Hebei Province), so we are in the right time in the right place in the right place to do the right thing! Have almost all the advantages of the industry! We will adhere to grasp the talent foundation, take the professional route, customer-oriented strategic principles, casting customers universally trusted engineering brand.

Jinchengxin, A team full of ideals and passion, will act, act, act under its own firm belief! Steadily achieve our ideal, to create a common brilliant career, road, career of all the Kerui people.