Raw Material

The choice of raw materials for tile press determines the service life and efficiency of the machine.The tile press machine in our factory adopts 350 H just welded big frame, compared with the 200...250 slot just welded big frame of ordinary small factories, the strength is much increased.There will be no deviation of the color plate on the workbench of the machine, and there will be no disadvantages of readjustment after hoistingThe shaft we use is 70 in diameter. Increased strength relative to 60.63. There will be no trouble when pressing thick plates. The main thing that affects the use of the machine is the material and molding method of the pressed silver of the color steel tile press Now many manufacturers change the molding method in order to reduce the cost, changing the whole wheel to a piece wheel, which has a great influence on the molding effect of the product. Our products are always made with the earliest drawings, and we will never make products that cut corners. More are customized according to customer requirements to meet customer needs

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