Introduction and equipment characteristics of multi-layer tile pressing machine

Recently, widening equipment has been widely used by more and more customers due to its multi-purpose feature. Many customers have also called to inquire whether all widening equipment can produce various types of versions? First, let’s take a look at the conventional ones. One machine is multi-purpose widening equipment. The conventional domestic tile press equipment has an original plate width of 1 meter, while the widened color steel equipment can press the original plate width of 1.2 meters. The general model such as roof tile 840.850.860 wall tile The widened double-layer equipment after any combination of 900, 910 and other models can produce four kinds of boards in one machine, that is to say, the boards of 1.2 meters and 1 meters of the original board can be produced on the widened equipment. One machine and two-purpose equipment can be used for one machine and four purposes. However, not all widening equipment can be used in one machine for four purposes. For example, the customer requires a version of 1.2 meters or 1.25 meters, and the effective width after forming is also required, and a one-meter board cannot produce the overall version effect. , this kind of equipment cannot be used in one machine
  Introduction to machine maintenance
1. The maintenance of the color steel tile press must implement the principle of “paying equal attention to maintenance and prevention first”, so as to achieve regular maintenance, mandatory, and correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair. keep.
2. Each team must do a good job in the maintenance of various types of machinery in accordance with the maintenance procedures and maintenance categories of the color steel tile press, without unreasonable delay. In special cases, the maintenance can only be postponed after being approved by the special worker in charge, but generally the specified maintenance interval should not be exceeded half of
  3. The maintenance personnel and maintenance department of the color steel tile press should do “three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one-time handover)”, constantly sum up maintenance experience and improve maintenance quality.
  4. The asset management department regularly supervises and inspects the mechanical maintenance of each unit, regularly or irregularly checks the maintenance quality, and rewards the good and punishes the bad.
5. In order to ensure that the color steel tile press is always in a good technical state, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce the downtime of failure, improve the mechanical integrity rate, utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the machine, and reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance. In order to ensure safe production, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment.
  6. To maintain the quality of the color steel tile pressing machine, it should be carried out item by item according to the specified items and requirements, and the maintenance items, maintenance quality and problems found in the maintenance should be recorded and reported to the special worker of the department.

Post time: Jul-13-2023