How to “speed push” the price of color steel tile press

How to “speed push” the price of color steel tile press
There are many types of tile presses with different prices. Due to its unique advantages, color steel tile presses dominate the market. How should we grasp the price changes of color steel tile presses?
  1. There are only a few ways to grasp the price of color steel tile press:
  a. Search for information on the Internet and pay attention to new price changes.
  b. Consult the price directly with the tile press manufacturer
  c. Industry information such as newspapers and magazines, revealing price changes, etc.
  2. Here we look at the price changes of the color steel tile press:
  Model Price (10,000 yuan/set)
  1000/1220 19.8
  840/900 3.8
  840/900 3.4
  850 2.9
  850 1.8
  800 2.8
  Price change graph:
   Different models have different prices; the same signal has different prices. This is caused by the price change. Due to the manufacturer, production process and other reasons, the price changes. Only by grasping the price trend can we occupy a favorable position in future competition and selection.
  3. Here we talk about the maintenance of the color steel tile press. As long as it is well maintained, its service life can be increased, and the price is also slightly better:
  ①  Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
  ② Before each start-up, add lubricating oil at regular intervals, fixed points, and quantitatively according to the requirements of the lubrication diagram. The oil should be clean and free of sediment. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited from operating the equipment.
  ③ The lubricating oil in the motor bearings should be replaced and filled regularly, and the electrical parts should be checked regularly to see if they are normal, safe and reliable.
  ④  Regularly check whether the V-belts, handles, knobs, and buttons are damaged. If they are severely worn, they should be replaced in time and reported for spare parts.
  Achieving a “quick push” on the price of color steel tile presses is a bargaining chip that is beneficial to buyers and sellers.

Post time: Aug-03-2023