How to control the color steel tile press equipment

How to control the color steel tile press equipment
Features of color steel tile press equipment 1: The first and second generation “automatic molded color tile equipment” both use “oscillating cylinder to drive the slide table”, and “swing cylinder” belongs to “molded color steel tile equipment” which is the “extreme “Vulnerable” accessories, if the molding speed is too fast, the impact force of the sliding table will be large, and the cushioning will easily vibrate, resulting in cracks in the tiles. This is the “stubborn disease” in the second-generation color tile equipment. Therefore, the molding speed is as fast as 6 pieces per minute. And “HJ-10—guided four-column molded color steel pressing equipment”
Features of color steel tile pressing machine equipment 2: oriented four-column type HJ-10 type – high-speed boutique mold color steel pressing equipment: using a number of technologies, the main machine “body” has no welding, and is all made of “cast steel”. Therefore, the whole machine will not deform the body of the “host” due to “stress” generated by “welding”. The “pressure cylinder and main tile mold” of the host machine are bound on four 120mm “solid guide hydraulic pillars” by the “guide sleeve”. The “main tile mold” runs vertically up and down without vertical deviation, especially for the main tile mold The fragility of the tile has played a role in protection, and it has also greatly extended the “main tile mold. There are many types of tile presses. Let’s introduce a commonly used color steel tile press model.
  Automatic color steel tile press is a hydraulic color steel tile press that is used to precisely shape and press the thick tile billet extruded and cut by the vacuum screw extruder when producing glazed tiles by wet method.
Color steel tile press equipment operation and precautions: manually put blanks, take blanks working procedures: before using the equipment, check whether the connections are secure, install bolts, nuts are tightened, lubricating oil should be added to the left and right chassis before power on Start the machine for a test run, first run it empty and observe carefully to see if there is any vibration, noise, whether there is oil coming from the oil window, whether the movement of each part is coordinated, and the mold can only be installed after everything is normal. When installing the mold, the power must be cut off, and the motor must be moved by hand. The belt or the big gear can make the workbench turn and the sliding seat rise to the highest point. It is best to use an object to support between the workbench and the bottom surface of the sliding seat to prevent the sliding seat from falling naturally and causing accidents.
The automatic color steel tile pressing machine can be installed and used alone, but manual billet loading and unloading is required. It can also be equipped with automatic loading rack and billet unloading manipulator and extruder, color steel tile cutting machine, billet feeding machine and tile holder. Conveyor lines and other components make up the tile production line, which does not require manual operation at all. The machine is mainly composed of left and right bodies, bottom connecting rods, top case covers, sliding seats, hexagonal runners, pulleys, gear mechanisms, sheave mechanisms, and cams. Mechanism, lubricating pump, oil circuit system, electric control part and so on.

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