Explanation of the instructions for the use of the vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press

1. When using a vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press, it is strictly forbidden to perform tile loading operations when the outriggers are not opened or the support is not in place, and the equipment must not be moved when the equipment is out of high-altitude tiles, otherwise it may cause accidents. occur. When operating the high-altitude tile press equipment, it is necessary to use a circuit that meets the requirements and operate within the limited load capacity. It is not allowed to install or change the equipment on the tile pressing platform privately to avoid failure.
  2. When the vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press is overhauled in the lifted state, the platform must be fixed on a building of the same height to prevent accidents caused by the accidental slide of the tile pressing platform. Personnel who have not been trained by the manufacturer are not allowed to disassemble the equipment without permission, and the pressure should be released before disassembling the hydraulic system.
3. During the lifting process of the vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press, the operator should pay attention to the height of the equipment from the objects above and the surrounding environment, so as to avoid collision with wires or buildings. The wind force should not be greater than 6 when performing high-altitude tile pressing operations. , and no one is allowed to approach within two meters around, so as not to be injured by falling objects.
  4. If the vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press produces abnormal noise or abnormal vibration during work, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the cause can be found out before it can continue to run, so as to avoid damage to equipment and staff. After the high-altitude tile press equipment operation is completed, the platform should be moved to the designated position, the equipment power should be turned off, and all outriggers should be folded before transportation.
  5. During the lifting process of the vehicle-mounted high-altitude tile press, a special person is designated to be responsible and unified command. During the working period of the high-altitude tile press equipment, it is forbidden to stand on people and give instructions. The installation workers should follow the requirements for working at heights, wear hats, shoes, tie belts, and do not wear loose clothing, and must not exceed. The high-altitude tile press operates the remote control, and a special person should be responsible. It is forbidden to operate abnormally during the working period, non-operators are prohibited to manipulate randomly, and the high-altitude tile press platform is prohibited from overloading.高空式压瓦机

Post time: Jul-13-2023