840/900 type double-layer plate pressing equipment technical parameters

840/900 type double-layer plate pressing equipment technical parameters
The 840/900 double-layer plate tile press equipment adopts a new double-layer design, which can be used for two purposes in one machine. It occupies a small area, is convenient for transportation, and saves costs. Our factory has complete after-sales service and can carry out special design and manufacturing according to user requirements. At the same time, we provide guidance to users on production, installation, debugging and maintenance. This model is economical and affordable, and can combine two types of equipment into one, which saves floor space, and the cost of double-layer machines is much lower than that of two single-layer machines, so it is the user’s choice. This type of color steel tile press is economical and affordable, and the two types of equipment can be combined into one. The 840/900 tile press saves the floor area, and the cost of the double-layer is much lower than that of two single-layer machines. It is the user’s choice. .
  1. This equipment is prohibited from being used in environments with explosive substances. Its installation conditions are as follows:
  (1). The electricity is too bad: 415V, 50Hz, 3P, the allowable fluctuation range is ±10%
   (2), ambient temperature: -20°C—40°C
 (3), relative humidity: 30-80% (no condensation)
  (4) Environment: There should be no excessive dust, acid mist, corrosive gas, or salt.
   (5), avoid abnormal vibration
   (6), must be grounded
  2. There are warning signs on the machine to remind the operator to pay attention to safety during operation.
 3. The machine is moved using a crane or forklift. The lifting capacity of any handling tool must be greater than the net weight of the machine.
4. Keep the floor and machines clean and avoid oil stains to prevent the risk of slipping.
5. No tools, work items, paint, etc. shall be placed on the machine table.
 6. During maintenance or installation adjustment of the double-layer equipment of the tile press, the power supply must be cut off when any part of the body enters the action range of the machine.

Post time: Aug-31-2023